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Quick-start guide for publishers:
Shopping quarter sales boost with commerce content

This year, e-commerce’s Christmas shopping season is starting earlier than usual. Consumers are already looking online for yuletide gifts – partly because they’re hoping that Cyber Week will offer attractive discounts and partly because they are aware that some products are in short supply and might be difficult to get in time for the holidays. Worldwide supply and materials shortages are, after all, leading to diminished availability across all consumer segments, and popular gift articles are affected in equal measure. For advertisers, this situation represents an opportunity they are looking to grasp by reaching consumers with messages about what they can offer, and so they are turning up the dial on their campaigns. This is good news for publishers, of course, and anyone who has been cooperating with advertisers as an affiliate for some time now can look forward to a period of extraordinary discount activity. Moreover, publishers looking to harness online shoppers’ increasing need for credible product information and shopping tips can use affiliate marketing to really get ahead. All publishers need to make the most of this opportunity is their own content: affiliate marketing is the key to forging links with advertisers and their campaigns.

Let us show you how, as a publisher, you can start integrating affiliate marketing into your activities or optimise your existing affiliate marketing strategy, working strategically to bring content and commerce together in a way that makes sense for you and your users.

Make best use of content with affiliate marketing

Content is king – and queen, too. When fully harnessed, content can complete both of publishers’ two key tasks: firstly, content can speak to target groups, delivering its message or supplying them with information and emotions; secondly, if individual terms are kitted out with an affiliate link which becomes visible on mouse-over and leads users to a campaign website, content can make an (often considerable) contribution to monetising publisher properties. The principle behind this is as simple as it is efficient, and can be applied as easily to entire websites as it can to single articles. And while, as a general rule, long-term affiliate marketing strategies provide the best prospects for monetisation, publishers looking to dip their toe in the water can use the short-term opportunities presented by Cyber Week and the end-of-year sales rush ahead of Christmas to size up their potential in the area.

In order to start making immediate use of affiliate marketing, publishers need at least one previously-defined article and a selection of keywords they are looking to link. The best keywords to offer are the ones which consumers most frequently search for and should be suited to the products which will be behind the link. Using our yieldSHARE technology, you can integrate a monetised link to an advertiser campaign manually without integrating any special software; all you need to do is sign up to use the tool.  Once we have authorised your account, you can access our database of 50,000 advertiser campaigns worldwide and use a range of criteria to find the campaings which best suit the keywords which you wish to link. And now is the best time to start: as the last three months of the year are traditionally the most important for sales, a lot of advertisers are offering additional discounts and promotions through to Christmas and New Year.

Make content pay automatically

Publishers who work with large amounts of content (e.g. complete website, user-generated content, or simply a large number of articles) which they have yet to monetise have different needs to the operators of smaller properties. This is where automatic linking solutions come into play – like our machine-learning tool yieldCONNECT, where publishers define the keywords they are willing to link and set criteria for campaigns they will accept and then let the yieldCONNECT algorithm do the work. It scans content for the keywords selected and automatically links them to the most suitable campaigns in our database.

How does this work, however, when there are already affiliate links in the articles? Here, publishers have two options. Some articles may have keywords linked to external sites but without any monitoring of whether users actually click on the links and whether they actually make purchases from the advertiser. Without this kind of information, however, publishers are missing out on the fruits of their success – and our yieldLINK technology can help change this by scanning publisher properties for all articles which already link to third-party sites and check whether the existing link can be replaced with a monetised version. If it identifies a campaign which offers better performance, yieldLINK will replaced the existing campaign link automatically.

Whichever of the two options publisher use, they can always use our dashboard to monitor performance and continuously optimise their campaigns.

Become a real pro with commerce content

The opportunities provided by affiliate marketing as a tool have led to widespread take-up – and some publishers have increased their yield using it by applying a strategic approach to their affiliate marketing activities: commerce content. The goal of this strategy is to produce journalistic content with the sole goal of monetising it. Items such as product group descriptions, product comparison, and travel tips are best suited to this form of content generation, and success doesn’t come overnight: commerce content needs to be a long-term project which fits with the publisher’s identity and is backed up with a solid concept, strong planning, and sustained implementation – as well as sufficient resources. The cornerstone of all commerce content success is affiliate marketing technology, and that is why we offer publishers the advice and solutions they need every step of the way with our platform-as-a-service approach. If you want to find out more, just get in contact with our publisher team on and +49 (0)40 416 204 01.

Nov 10, 2021 11:05:36 AM article