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Connecting Growth: Yieldkit is now part of mrge
Meet our brand-new brand: As a member of mrge (formerly: YK Group), we look forward to connecting publishers and advertisers - for growth!
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Yieldkit expands into the Japanese market, creating new potential for publishers to monetise content

With sales of $128 billion (US) in 2021, Japan is the world’s third largest e-commerce platform, behind only China and the USA. Yet thus far, publishers in Europe, UK, and North America were unable to enter into affiliate marketing agreements with Japanese advertisers. 

Until now, that is: Yieldkit has become the first western affiliate and performance marketing agency to cooperate with valuecommerce, the country’s largest affiliate marketing network. With immediate effect, publishers who use our YIELDLink, YIELDConnect, and YIELDShare turn-key solutions can connect to more than 630 Japan-based advertisers – a new capability of particular relevance in areas such as gaming, IT, peripherals, and gadgets.


“This makes us the first – and, as such, the only – western meta network with an active presence in the Japanese market, meaning that we can now provide our customers with access to one of the world’s top three markets. In view of the impressive dynamism in Japanese e-commerce and in affiliate marketing specifically, we are particularly pleased about this and are convinced that, in this attractive market environment, the number of advertisers looking to connect with publishers is set to increase markedly.“ 

Nikolaus Spitzy, VP Advertiser & Publisher Development at Yieldkit  


Affiliate marketing is a widespread form of advertising in Japan, the world’s third largest e-commerce market with sales of $128 billion (USD) in 2021 – ahead of the UK (fourth place) and behind the USA. In terms of market structures, Japan is comparable with Europe and the USA, with a particular preference for sites which offer users credit points for each purchase; these points can then be cashed in for pay-outs or discounts. In this way, site operators share some of their affiliate fees with their users.

First market presence in APAC

Japan is Yieldkit’s first country in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC), and although the language barriers have made market entry more difficult than in European or Northamerican markets, we have nonetheless been able to set up structures providing publishers and advertisers with always-on contacts. Our goal is now to connect to further affiliate marketing networks in Japan and to learn more about other exciting markets in APAC. 

Publishers who are interested in finding out about additional monetisation options in the Japanese market can contact our VP Publisher & Advertiser Development on and +49 (0)40 41 620 401. 



Mar 16, 2022 10:30:07 AM article