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Connecting Growth: Yieldkit is now part of mrge
Meet our brand-new brand: As a member of mrge (formerly: YK Group), we look forward to connecting publishers and advertisers - for growth!
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How to monetize your Website

Making money from your website, blog, forum or any other form of online presence is not a wide-fetched dream – anyone can do it. Just continue reading and we will show you how. And: don’t worry it’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

Do you already have a website? Or are you planning to set up one and want to be prepared how it can generate an income for you? It doesn’t matter at which point of the journey you are, because you are already reading the right article.

Any website about any* content whatsover can generate a profit for you, as long as you know how to monetize it. It is just important that you are not only focused just on a high income; focus on the quality of your content and how readers benefit from coming to your website in the first place. In the long run, great content and a continuous streak of traffic is what will get you $$.

At Yieldkit you get everything from just 1 single tool. We are focusing on affiliate marketing programs in the first place and in some cases we work on a case-by-case basis regarding sponsored content.


Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing you basically get a commission for goods/services sold via links on your website. With the Yieldkit API this is made super easy. You sign up on our website, install the API on your website and you are ready to start. Most of our tools do all the work for you – automatically! Some others are more individually and you can set them up as you want, whereby you can always call or email us if you need any support at all.


Some of the tools you can expect when signing up:

  • YieldCONNECT
    Promote online brands based on pre-defined keywords.
  • YieldLINK
    YieldLink converts existing links to shops and merchants into affiliated links.
  • YieldSHARE
    For publishers that create quality content to share with their audience YieldShare generates affiliate links for any product, with just one click.
  • YieldSEARCH
    YieldSearch lets you create and define native ads, that are targeted on your on-site search traffic.
  • YieldNATIVE
    YieldNative lets you create and define native ads, exactly the way, you want them.
  • YieldMOBILE
    Advertise online brands on mobile web and in-app traffic.
  • YieldEDITORIAL (sponsored posts)
    Customized editorial campaigns for premium brands.

Find detailed information in our Knowledge Base.


Referral program

If you are already working with advertisers on an individual basis, you can always sign up with us just for some selected content monetization or even just to write about us and make some extra cash with our referral program. With everyone signing up through your personal referral link you get 10% of their commission for 12 months!


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