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Trailblazers and Trendsetters: The Affiliate Marketing Landscape 2021

The global advertising market is recovering. According to a current forecast from Zenith Media, global investment in advertising is to grow by 11.2% during 2021 thanks to e-commerce and online videos. Affiliate marketing is particularly profiting from it and that is why The Affiliate Marketing Landscape is causing a sensation.

This is the first time that one report has featured the various different areas of affiliate marketing and the excellent professionals who represent them. Hakan Özal (H4Consult), the man behind the idea, created the map with Tobias Conrad (Yieldkit), Markus Kellermann (xpose360), Andre Kögler (easyMarketing) and Marcus Seidel (Adcell. The Affiliate Marketing Landscape illustrates the cumulative expert knowledge of the industry sector. For the first time, a picture has been created of how big and extensive the market is and how distinctive the market players are.

Tobias Conrad, CCO of Yieldkit, commented: “The response to The Affiliate Marketing Landscape has been staggering. The report is a clear indicator of the current boom in affiliate marketing. The timing of its publication is exactly right. The demand for advertisers and publishers is rising, and both groups increasingly recognise what kind of opportunities there are in affiliate marketing. The map shows the many different specialist areas and varied approaches in the market very clearly.

A survey carried out in January 2021 by Affilateblog and xpose360 delivered the following results: 63% of advertisers admitted to increasing their budget in affiliate marketing during 2020 or reallocating budgets to affiliate marketing from other marketing-mix channels. Optimism regarding growth in turnover for 2021 is still on the up: 75% of advertisers and networks envisage continued growth in earnings. The full report is available for download here

Aug 20, 2021 1:04:11 PM article