How does the YIELDKIT Monetization Platform work?

The YIELDKIT Monetization Platform connects affiliate programs, incentives like cash-back programs and discount coupons, product promotion feeds and other innovative performance marketing services with the right publisher. We are working with AI technology in order to identify the highest ROI possible for your traffic in real-time. 

YIELDKIT offers a smart and flexible one-stop solution for publishers. Just 3 easy steps will give you access to thousands of advertisers and exclusive deals.


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At its technical core the YIELDKIT monetization platform is a set of powerful open APIs, easily accessible by all major frameworks. 


YieldConnect enables content websites to promote online brands based on pre-defined keywords. A close editorial cooperation with advertisers guarantees the right moment of inspiration for a specific target group to complete a purchase. The combination of creative content and innovative technology promises publishers high revenues at all times. In addition to that, brand-icons can be added to each keyword to increase transparency towards visitors.

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YieldMobile stands for innovative advertising of online brands on mobile web and in-app traffic. By using long-term cooperations with leading app-developers and strategic partnerships with website operators we established an advertising solution, which fits seamless and content-based in the concept of a webpage or a mobile app. YieldMobile generates global reach while using exclusive placements on mobile inventory in interaction with customized designs.

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YieldLink automatically converts existing product links on a website to a competitive advertising solution. Highly effective product links are assigned to online brands, using AI technology, to provide a native way of advertising.

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In close cooperation with the editor teams of our clients, YIELDKIT identifies interesting content for specific target groups which can be fully monetized with the help of YIELDKIT’s advertiser relations. Customized editorial campaigns for premium brands result in additional revenue streams without harming existing display inventory.

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Get full monetization solutions through our core APIs:

Incentive API

Redirect API

Advertiser API

Revenue API

Have a look at the fully documented API in the knowledge center below. A flexible reporting is easily accessible in our publisher dashboard.