S2S Tracking

YIELDKIT implemented a S2S postback functionality that you can use for custom reporting.

The following macro variables can be added in your postback URL:

{EVENT_ID} The event id, this is value is unique.
{ADVERTISER_ID} The advertiser id.
{COMMISSION_ID} The ID of commission, this value can occur multiple times if a commission changes it value or get cancelled.
{COMMISSION} The commission amount. It is positive for a new commission and negativ if the commission was cancelled.
{SALES_DATE} The date when the sale happened.
{MODIFIED_DATE} The date when the event happened.
{SUB_ID} The sub id which you might have specified via yk_tag.


{EVENT_TYPE} can be “NEW” or “UPDATE”. indicated whether it is a new commission in our system or if a commission is updated
{STATE} the commission status, can be “OPEN”,”CONFIRMED”,”REJECTED”,”DELAYED”