Redirect API

YieldKit provides a basic HTTP API for URL affiliation. Requests are made via an HTTP GET request in the form of:[?parameters]

Redirect Method<url to monetize>&
api_key=<your api key>&
site_id=<your site id>&
source=<referring url>


Parameter Description
url (URL encoded) URL to affiliate. If the URL cannot be affiliated, the original URL is echoed in the response.
api_key Your API Key. You can find your API key on under the API tab.
country (optional) ISO2 Code, e.g. US, UK or DE
site_id Find the Site ID of the website on under the Your Sites tab
source (URL encoded) URL of the page which contains the link being affiliated. For example, if a link from to is being affiliated, source is The url and source parametesr MUST be URL encoded.Important: The url and source parametesr MUST be URL encoded.

Important: The url and source parametesr MUST be URL encoded.


In addition to affiliating an unaffiliated URL, the click method records the click event for your analytics. For this reason, an application should call the API every time a user is about to click on an outbound link, even if the application has cached the response from a prior request.