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Page Context

YieldWord Platform API

The YieldWord platform provides two modus operandi called contexts. These are page and search.

The page context takes an URL as it’s primary input whereas the search context takes a search query. Both contexts analyze their inputs and deliver ads and/or reviews based on these.

Page context

The page context API can be queried for ads for a page only after that page has been analyzed by the YieldKit system. This means that, when a client requests ads for a page that the system has never seen, that page is enqueued for analysis first and the API returns a pending message. The latency of the analysis queue is currently between 1 and 2 seconds.


Get link ads for the given URL.



"link": [
"title":"Apple iPhone 5 (Latest Model) - 16 GB - White & Silver (Unlocked) Smartphone",
"keywords":["Apple","iPhone 5"],

Request parameters:

Field Description
url URL of the page to retrieve ads for.
api_key Partner’s API key.
site_id Publisher’s site id.
callback (optinal) A JavaScript function name. For example if callback is “foo.bar” the response will take the form foo.bar({...}); which is useful for AJAX processing.
loc (optional) A two digit ISO3166 country code. Used to make ads relevant for the target location. The special value “use_geo” instructs the service to use the client’s geo location if possible.
fields (optional) A comma separated list of fields to be included in the response for each link entry. Valid values are price, manufacturer, logo and ad_type. Note that these fields are not always available in all ads.
logo.dim (optional) Include product logo URL in the response. Valid values are: 75X75, 90X90, 100X100, 125X125 and 150X150.
ad_type (optional) A comma separated list of ad types to retrieve. Valid values are advertiser and product.