After installing the YieldKit client, it should work properly without defining any additional configuration parameter.

The default configuration values depend on the account settings given by the API_KEY and SITE_ID used to access the service.

All the configuration parameters should be defined in a javascript array under the name: _yk.

The array must be defined before the YieldKit installation script, and can be defined like: var _yk = _yk || [];


Activating products

These parameters allow to activate or deactivate a product.

Parameter Values



Target settings

These parameters allow to define the country, language and adSpace which will be used to filter the results.

Parameter Values
TARGETING_LOCATION de,us,gb,use_geo
TARGETING_LANGUAGE de,en,use_locale
AD_SPACE tech,fashion,tech,fashion



Ad placing

Parameter Values Description
YIELDWIDGET_POSITION [intext],[sidebar],[intext,sidebar] Defines the position of the widget
IGNORE_CLASS Array of class names List of css classes in which ads should not be placed
INTEXT_LINK_COLOR Color code in HEX Color used to underline intext ads.
INTEXT_TITLE Free text Title shown when the widget is displayed.
CONTAINER_ID Id attribute of an HTML tag Id of the HTML tag in which the ads should be shown.
CONTAINER_CLASS Class attribute of an HTML tag Class of the HTML tag in which the ads should be shown.
PAGE_CAP Integer Max number of placements per page
INTEXT_CSS CSS code Style used to display the intext ad
AD_DISCLOSURE_TARGET URL or Javascript Action when the user clicks the disclosure title.
AD_DISCLOSURE_TITLE Free text Text displayed in the disclosure segment


_yk.push(['INTEXT_TITLE','Empfehlung von YieldKit']);
_yk.push(['INTEXT_CSS','text-decoration:underline !important;']);
_yk.push(['AD_DISCLOSURE_TITLE','Powered by YieldKit']);


Parameter Values
TRACKING_SUBID Free text It can be set by the publisher to track its users.