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Connecting Growth: Yieldkit is now part of mrge
Meet our brand-new brand: As a member of mrge (formerly: YK Group), we look forward to connecting publishers and advertisers - for growth!
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frequently asked questions (FAQ) for publishers

What is Yieldkit?

Yieldkit is a part of mrge – what does this mean for my daily business? Your daily operations remain unaffected. Your contacts will persist, and you will continue to enjoy the usual high quality of our cooperation. Additionally, you'll experience an expanded reach, and new connections, and gain increased influence as part of the global Commerce Advertising leader.

mrge unites four entities:

  • Yieldkit for high reach and performance.

  • digidip for influential publishers.

  • shopping24 for product recommendations.

  • SourceKnowledge for CPC performance marketing expertise.

mrge is one of the world’s leading Commerce Advertising platforms, connecting 5,500+ publishers, 50,000+ advertisers, and 100+ networks in over 160 countries. By using smart tools, technologies, and formats, mrge places brand messages close to or within content, thus creating value for publishers, advertisers and users alike. mrge is backed by the private equity investment group Waterland.

What is Commerce Advertising?

Commerce Advertising, also known as retail media advertising or e-commerce advertising, refers to a type of advertising that takes place within digital shopping environments or e-commerce platforms. This form of advertising reaches consumers at the point of purchase, effectively integrating promotional content with the shopping experience. The main goal of Commerce Advertising is to influence consumer decisions and drive sales by showcasing products or services directly to potential buyers as they browse or search for items to purchase.

Find more about the topic in our Ressource Hub here.

Is YieldKit the right choice for me?

To ensure your utmost satisfaction, let's explore how Yieldkit can be the perfect fit for you. If the following aspects align with your situation, you're in for a rewarding experience:

  • Your website is live and fully operational, free from any work-in-progress or coming-soon pages.

  • Your website features valuable and relevant content, such as forums, blogs, and similar engaging platforms.

  • Your website includes outgoing links to advertisers, products, or services – these can easily be monetized by Yieldkit.

  • You boast a substantial volume of traffic or a thriving community of active users, or perhaps even both.

By meeting these criteria, you're primed to make the most out of Yieldkit. We will provide you with enormous reach, outstanding performance, and safety beyond the ordinary.

How can I create a Yieldkit account? 

Sign up here to create your publisher account.

Working as a publisher with Yieldkit is very easy and completely free. Once you are registered, your site will be reviewed by one of our publisher managers for approval and ensure the quality of our network. You can then start promoting your choice of advertisers and campaigns immediately.

As we try to approve publishers as soon as possible, Yieldkit begins to work on your site can be between 1 minute and 1 day following your account approval.

Why is my account not enabled? 

You should have received an email with a confirmation link after signing up. You must click on this link to enable your account.

If you do not see it in your mailbox, please check your SPAM folder. Alternatively, you can contact us at and we will be able to send you another email.

Which webpages cannot join YieldKit?
  • Webpages without any content.

  • Webpages with sensitive (FSK 18), questionable or illegal content.

  • Webpages with content that is not associated with affiliate marketing, such as political and religious websites.

  • Webpages that have nothing to do with products and services that could be purchased online.

  • Webpages with visitors from countries outside our service scope.

What type of traffic is not allowed?

We occasionally restrict brand bidding campaigns, although the allowance can differ per advertiser. If you're uncertain, kindly reach out to your account manager or contact our team at for clarification.

Are you working with CPC offers?

Yes, we work with over 45.000 advertisers both on CPC and CPA basis.

Do you have any tutorials to help technical beginners get started?

Our products are very easy to use, you should not need much help to get started. If you have our Java Script installed, our solution monetizes automatically the product links (and any outgoing links) on your website, everything works and starts automatically.

However, if you have any technical questions, please do reach out to your account manager or contact our team at for clarification.

What parameter can I add to send you our click ids?

yk_tag: this value corresponds to your click_id and you will receive it back in the commission end point of our Reporting API.

Why could my transaction be missed or not tracked correctly?

There can be a delay due to the type of CPA campaign you are running. For example, a travel campaign's commission can take a while to be confirmed, you should make sure you are considering the "open" commissions count and amount.

In other cases, some transactions are not tracked properly due to parameters mapping either on our advertiser's side or inside your own system (in this case make sure to refer to our online documentation and send your questions to your dedicated Account Manager).

I need a postback (server to server) for real-time data. How can integrate it?

You can find it in the menu of your publisher dashboard as well as in this section of our Developer Center "S2S Tracking".

How do I get my commissions updates?

In our Reporting API's "/commision" end-point (find the documentation here) you can simply use the filter by using the "modified_date" DateType filter in order to pull all the commission data that of the commissions that have been updated within the defined time range. The DateType filter also has a "sales_date" option which can choose to filter your commissions by their sale date.

How can I look for a specific commission?

Every single commission is now mapped to a single sub_id called "yk_tag". Hence no more need for a sub_id report anymore. We will also launch early Q3 (2023), a site_id filter for the Commissions report of the Reporting API.

How can I see the next page of the Reporting API V3 response?

You can access the next page of your Reporting API V3 response by using the url at the top of the first response qualified as "next". Every page will have a "next" url for you to access the following one.

I am a media buyer or have diverse sources of traffic, what's my best option at YieldKit?

We recommend our Advertiser API. It will enable you to check available campaigns and monetize them with our Redirect API. Featuring enhanced flexibility, allowing you to tailor solutions and program access to our range of data.

Do I need to apply for merchants or campaigns permissions on your platform to promote them?

You don't need to apply for anything. All merchants you are getting via API you are allowed to promote.

Can I run one of your APIs using Swagger?

The swagger tool is only for documentation and doesn’t generate the full data-set. The user needs to use an API client (ex. Insomnia).

What does the "page size" mean?

The value of the page size corresponds to the number of unique commissions that will be displayed in one page.

For instance, if "page size=1000" this means there is 1000 commissions with all its data points within the page you are looking at.

Can I get a single csv or json response via your APIs?

Unfortunately not, as employing pagination aligns with the industry standard for handling extensive datasets. This limitation is primarily technical, as any alternative approach would lead to significant maintenance and hardware expenses.

How can I see the campaign status in your Advertiser API?

We only show active campaigns. Inactive campaigns disappear from the Advertiser API.

Which term stands for our payout in the Reporting API?

The "commission" field shows the value of your commission amount.

Where can I see the campaigns' CPA payouts and CPC rates?

In the Reporting API only as it contains the commission data for specific campaigns.

Where can I browse the available campaigns and their geos?

In the Advertiser API only as it contains all campaign related data.

How can I find your best performing offers?

You can check any campaigns with our Advertiser API by using the parameter "q=". Alternatively, in the Advertiser API Json version you will get the 10 days average ecpc.

Where I can see the offers on my dashboard?

Due to the high amount of advertisers in our network (+ 45.000) it is almost impossible for us to display them all in our dashboard. However, you can review them using our Yieldshare tool, which indicates campaign availability. Alternatively, the most comprehensive approach is to use our Advertiser API to find any specific campaigns by using the parameter "q=".

Where I can see the offers rates on my dashboard?

Due to the high amount of advertisers in our network (+ 45.000) it is almost impossible for us to provide a precise rate for one. However, you may see some CPA or CPC rates in our Advertiser API that correspond to the past 10 days average performance of a given campaign. This rate offers a general notion of potential earnings but should not be regarded as a fixed and definitive figure.

How much do I earn?

You earn a commission on every sale (CPA) or click (CPC) that is generated through your website. YieldKit gives you a percentage that varies on the earned commission for the transaction amount without taxes and shipping.

What are the methods of payments?

PayPal, SWIFT, and Bank transfer.

You can set it up in your Dashboard menu > 'Account' > 'Payment Information'.

Will I get a payment report?

Yes, you get a payment report for each payment transfer. We send you your reports via email and you can also download them from your Publisher account. In your account settings you can define your tax circumstances.

How do payments work with YieldKit?

YieldKit offers three payment methods:

  • SEPA (Europe-based accounts).

  • International SWIFT-Transfer.

  • Registered PayPal email address. Alternatively you can enter a PayPal account in your Dashboard and we would send the payout automatically.

YieldKit Payments are issued the 3rd working day of the month. We send you the cleared account balance, provided it is over 30.00/$/€/£. After the Payment is issued, payment will be received within 7 business days. If it’s under 30.00/$/€/£, we will carry over your balance to the next month and then send a payment out as soon as you surpass this minimum threshold.

The time it takes for a commission payment to be cleared depends on the clearance of the advertiser. The commissions displayed in your dashboard have different states:

  • Open: The transaction got tracked. The Advertiser has to approve the commission for it now.

  • Confirmed: The advertiser already approved this commissions.

  • Rejected: The advertiser cancelled the commission for the transaction. This can be based on different reasons:

    • The whole transaction was cancelled by the user.

    • The advertiser or our system detected fraudulent clicks.

    • In general advertisers have the right to cancel a commission for up to two months after the transaction is made.

Is it possible to get SWIFT payments?

To qualify for SWIFT payments, you will need to meet our 500 Euro threshold. Due to the ongoing situation with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we are unable to process bank transfers to Russian banks.

How do I change my payment details?

In order to change your payment details such as your PayPal e-mail address or bank account, you must make those changes in your account, which you can find here.

Where can I find about the payout model (CPC or CPA)?

We have both feeds mixed.

The reason we mixed them is because we optimize in a way that you will always get the campaign with the best eCPC, regardless of if it is CPC or CPA campaign.
This information cannot be found in the dashboard. However we can add this information in your Advertiser API, where you will find an extra column with this info (CPA or CPC). Please just send us a request so we can add it on our backend. We can also remove the CPC feed if you prefer to make sure that all campaigns will be CPA.

You can also find more information in our YK website's Knowledge Base.

If you still have questions, kindly reach out to your account manager or contact our team at for clarification.