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frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Yieldkit?

Yieldkit is your performance marketing aggregator. We enable publishers to aggregate and optimize their performance marketing revenue streams in the simplest way, yielding higher revenues with less effort. Your web property will be connected to affiliate marketing, incentive programs, on-site search monetization and data-driven marketing services – with just one integration. Made possible by the Yieldkit Monetization Platform, a unique, fully modular, API-based aggregator. Anybody can obtain an account and it is totally free. Sign up now! 

How will I earn money with Yieldkit?

Every link placed or converted by Yieldkit is a new monetization opportunity for you. Every time a user clicks on a Yieldkit link and buys a product you get a commission. This commission is based on the order value without taxes and shipping. The commission rate differs from advertiser to advertiser. 

How much does Yieldkit charge?

There is no up-front fee and creating a publisher account with Yieldkit is completely free, you can try it without risk! You earn a commission on every sale that is generated through your website. Yieldkit gives you 75% of the earned commission, which is usually between 2-10% of the transaction amount without taxes and shipping. 

How can I create a Yieldkit account? 

Working as a publisher with Yieldkit is very easy and completely free. Once registered, your site will be reviewed by one of our publisher managers for approval, after your project has been approved you can start promoting your choice of advertisers immediately. We check every website to assure the quality of our network. The length of time for Yieldkit to begin working on your site can be between 1 minute and 1 day. We try to approve publishers as soon as possible. Sign up now and create a publisher account.

What’s the difference between regular links and affiliate links? 

Affiliate links allow you to earn commissions every time one of your visitors makes a purchase at the advertiser´s site where they are linked to. The difference with regular links is that an affiliate link identifies the where the customer is coming from, so you can make money for that sale. 

How can I add additional websites? 

You can have multiple websites in the same Yieldkit account. Just be aware that you would need to install our Javascript in each one in order to active the monetization. For adding new sites go to the section Account in your Dashboard. There you will find the option Your Sites, where you can check your current websites and you can add new ones. 

Does Yieldkit work with link/URL Shorteners? 

Yes, YieldLINK can automatically affiliate any shorten links. The automatic content monetization solutions works with services such as,,,,, and

Is it possible that my sale was not tracked? 

In affiliate marketing it is possible that in certain occasions clicks wouldn’t track or links won’t affiliate. There are also situations when cookies can get replaced. For example, if someone goes to a voucher or coupon website looking for a discount code, that would override the Yieldkit cookie and you would lose the commissions for that sale. We are able to track a click only until it reaches an advertiser’s URL, so errors resulting in the lose of tracking might occur with a merchant. 

Why is no data reported for the current day? 

The new version of the dashboard displays an increased amount of data and the clicks, page views, and revenue are updated twice daily. There are also situations in which the synchronization of data between advertisers and our system takes one or two days. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Why is my account not enabled? 

You should have received an email with a confirmation link after signing up. Please click this link to enable your account. If you do not see it please check your SPAM folder. Otherwise, please contact us through and we will send you another email. 

How can I exclude Yieldkit’s JavaScript from specific sections of my website? 

After installing Yieldkit’s JavaScript on your website you might have the need to exclude specific sections such as images, widgets, articles or even certain paragraphs inside an article, but still you want to monetize the page or URL when this section is located. To achieve this, you just need to add the following line to any section of your HTML code:

<span id=”noyieldkit”></span>  

This piece of code will exclude Yieldkit for working on the specific section of your HTML where you added it. 

What are CPA and CPL programs? 

Yieldkit works with thousands of advertisers. Most of those merchants are (CPA-Cost Per Action) merchants, which means that you earn a commission on a purchase that takes place through your site. Some of the advertisers have CPL programs, only leads to certain products/registration will generate commissions. Therefore, not all products or purchases will necessarily generate revenue. 

Will my users notice the affiliate links on my site? 

Our technology seamlessly replaces conventional links with their equivalent monetization links – no visible change in the structure of your links is made so most of the users will not notice them. 

Can I use Yieldkit and other similar services at the same time? 

Our system does not over-write any existing affiliate links on your website unless you change that in your account settings. We do not require you to sign any exclusive contract neither, so you can work with your current partners as you did before. However, we can help manage your affiliate links for you. We can offer better rates because of our scale, along with consolidated reporting, accurate link creations, fast maintenance and one simple paycheck for you to cash.

How is a commission assigned to my transaction? 

There are different possibilities that make you eligible for earning a commission: 

  • One of your users clicks on a Yieldkit link and makes a purchase right away on the merchant´s website 
  • A cookie is stored on the user that clicked on a Yieldkit link for a certain period of time so when this person purchases something within that period, you will earn a commission 
  • When a visitor of your website clicks on a link to a merchant, and it is directed to a page for a specific product but the user buys something else at the merchant´s website 

For most merchants, you receive commissions on any purchase a user makes if they arrived on the merchant’s site via your site. The duration of the cookies are usually 30 days. Please note, that if after using one of Yieldkit links, the user goes to another website with affiliate links and clicks on one of those links, the cookie will override ours. The last cookie is the one that is eligible for a commission. 

Where can I find the API key and documentation? 

Please contact us through  with a short description of the project you plan to develop with the API. This enables us to give you the best possible support. You can find your API key and API secret in your user account. Simply login, go to “Account“ and click the “API“ tab. For advanced use and configuration, please visit our Yieldkit Developer Center.

Does Yieldkit have a referral program?

Yes. You can introduce new people to the Yieldkit system and earn yourself money. 10% of commissions we earn with the referred publisher in the first year will be paid to you. Get in touch with for more information.