YIELDKIT supports online brands that are looking for exclusive and innovative traffic sources. We collaborate with the biggest publishing houses and media agencies on a global scale that use our technology to generate high-quality traffic for our clients. The “YIELDKIT algorithm” is an in-house developed AI-based solution. It guarantees the perfect brand-user-match by content-related placements and real-time optimization of advertising material. 

Key Facts

Core Markets

Western Europe – especially DACH,
North America, South America

Top Segments
Clothing, Electronics, Travel,
Finance, Interior Design,
Telecommunication, Gaming


YieldConnect enables online brands to be promoted on premium content websites based on pre-defined keywords. A close editorial cooperation with publishers guarantees the right moment of inspiration for a specific target group to complete a purchase. The combination of creative content and innovative technology promises brands a high ROI at all times. In addition to that, brand-icons create a free branding effect and high-quality leads.

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The YIELDKIT API’s enable more advanced integrations, enabling companies to get more flexibility in terms of their needs. With the API’s you can create costume solutions and programmatically access your data

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YieldLink automatically converts existing product links on a website to a competitive advertising solution. Highly effective product links are assigned to online brands, using AI technology, to provide you a native way of advertising.

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Editorial offices from the leading publishing houses present your products/apps in their articles (CPX).

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If you already run an internal affiliate program or other performance marketing,
please contact us for an individual solution.

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